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Outside The Truck Safety:

   There are three big things that can help you with safety outside of your truck. These three things are your ENVIRONMENT, EQUIPMENT, and your own PERSONAL BEHAVIORS. While the environment is out of the driver’s control, and when you have a failure on your equipment that is outside your control, the last one is not. It is important to understand what is in your power and what is not. While no one can control the weather, there are things you can do to be safe in it. As difficult as it might be sometimes, every person is in control of their behaviors. Let’s take a deep dive into each one of these.

      Different weather conditions can cause a driver to slip or fall in, on, or around your truck and trailer. Depending on the weather there are different possibilities for unsafe conditions. While rain may cause hydroplaning, snow and ice can cause slippery roads. These conditions do not just stay on the road either. Be mindful of potholes, ice, slippery pavement, the truck itself may be slippery, and is it so windy outside that a gust of wind will close a door on you? These are just a few scenarios on what you can be dealing with. Have clothes for all area of the country that you will be in. While the sun may be shining in Florida in February, you can bet there will be snow and high winds in the rocky mountain areas. If there is a possibility you will be in the snow have right gear aka snow gloves, boots, winter coat and so on. This goes for all possibilities.

     Being knowledgeable about your environment is only one piece of the puzzle. Being safe around your equipment is another. Use best practices when doing things like pulling the fifth wheel pin, sliding tandems, and cranking your dollies or landing gear. Safe practices keep injuries away and you staying on the road making a paycheck. While we may not always love the three-points of contact rule, it was developed for a reason. Someone did slip and fall at some point. And nobody wants to be the reason for new policies and procedures.

   The last very important piece of this puzzle if your own behavior awareness. Trying to hurry and ignoring safety procedures can lead to injuries and damages. Not doing or rushing through pre-trips can result in not only injuries, damages to equipment, it can also affect delivery times. Pre-trips are put in place for a reason. Making sure your equipment is in safe running order and nothing happened while you were parked is important. Who knows if mister crazy happened to be out last night cutting everyone’s line. You will know by doing your pre-trip inspection and making sure things are in order and the shape needed to complete your trip that day.

    Drivers, you are busy. No one will argue differently. In a nutshell the company needs you to pay attention to your surroundings. Follow all policies and procedures no matter if you are in a rush or not. Plan accordingly to leave yourself enough time to be safe. Wear the proper gear to protect yourself, i.e., gloves, none slip shoes, coats, reflective wear, etc. When getting in or out of your truck use the three-point contact rule. Your family, your friends and your company need you to be safe. Your diligence in being safe keeps all others out on the road, with you safe as well.


  1. I found it helpful when you advised following all policies and procedures whether you were pressed for time or not. Make an appropriate plan to give yourself enough time to be secure. Put on the right protective gear, such as gloves, non-slip shoes, coats, reflective clothing, etc. Use the three-point contact rule when entering or exiting your truck. My uncle wants to hire a different trucking company to assist him in moving goods from one location to another. He owns several warehouses across the country. He has been researching good trucking companies and hiring practices. Thank you for the assistance!

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