Employment History/Self-Employment Form

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To Former Employer: The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations Parts 391.23 & 382.413, require that a motor carries obtain previous employment information. Therefore, you are hereby authorized to give Roamer Transport Inc. all information regarding my duties, character, positive drug or alcohol results to submit to a required testing while in your employment.

Applicants Name:     SSN: xxx-xx-

By signing this document below, the applicant agrees to authorize the aforementioned Previous Employer to give Roamer Transport Inc. all information regarding duties, character, and positive drug or alcohol results.

The above-named applicant has applied to Roamer Transport Inc. for a position as a Truck driver and states that        He/She was employed by you as a    - Driver       From: ____________________ To: ____________________

Are dates for employment correct as stated?      Dates From: ____________________ To: ____________________


Did applicant drive an 18-wheeler?  YES / NO   Trailer type: _______________________________________________


Were trips DOT regulated?  YES / NO                                                      


Was applicants conduct satisfactory?  YES / NO                 Did you consider this person a safe driver?  YES / NO


How many accidents in the last 3 years: ___________     Number Preventable: __________   


Why did applicant leave your employment? ______________________________________________________________________________________________


Would you re-employ?  YES / NO


Did applicant ever test positive for a controlled substance in the last 3 years?  YES / NO


Has the applicant ever refused a test for drug or alcohol in the last 3 years?  YES / NO


Has the applicant had an alcohol test with a Breath Alcohol concentration 0.04 or greater in the last 3 years? YES /NO


We appreciate your help in completing this information. Please return to safety@roamertransport.com or fax to (800) 520-9645 prefer email.


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